About Us

Sachdev Legal Group, APC focuses exclusively on family law cases such as divorce, legal separation, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, property division, domestic violence restraining orders, paternity, marital settlement agreements and post-judgment modifications.

The firm is headed by acclaimed San Diego attorney Puja Sachdev, who is widely regarded as one of the top family law attorneys in the community.

Ms. Sachdev also has an extensive background in the finance and business field and is the only attorney designated as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ in the greater San Diego area.

In addition to Ms. Sachdev’s legal and financial expertise, our clients will also benefit from the firm’s personal, understanding approach to their case. Our team will rely on their experience to carefully guide and explain every step of the client’s family law case, which can be overwhelming for ordinary individuals. We will hear and address all of your unique situations and concerns down to even the most seemingly trivial details.

What our employees like about working here:

  • I like working here because of how diverse and inclusive it is. I love that every case is handled with care and compassion.
  • The culture of the firm is aligned with my beliefs: good values/morals, ethics, integrity, teamwork, and respect.
  • What I particularly like about this firm is that we do not take cases that we do not feel are a good fit for us. We don’t guarantee anything, upsell our services, or make any promises to get clients. I sleep good at night knowing what we do is legit and honest. Everything we do is done with the best intentions to help others.
  • Working here makes me feel like I am helping the community/individuals with one of the most difficult moments in their lives. Even if I do not represent clients in court, helping in whatever way I can in their case, is very rewarding!
  • Nothing is beneath anyone here; we all lend a hand when needed, even if the job is NOT in your work description.
  • There is no tolerance of disrespect from any clients, prospective clients, or colleagues.
  • The annual holiday retreat/get together is something nice to look forward to.
  • It’s a comfortable work environment, there is no animosity here between co-workers and everyone gets along.
  • I like that everyone talks and laughs together regularly.
  • There are always new challenges and the work is not boring.
  • Team lunches are always fun!
  • I love working in a place that exclusively caters to clients who are kind and respectful.
  • I also work alongside some great individuals who are not only well-versed in Family Law, but also strive for a genuine work dynamic and enjoyable experiences amongst each other.
  • This is a unique firm because I not only get to continuously learn and advance my skills, but I also feel supported in my personal life when I need it.